Medical Cannabis AFRICA

Growing Greener, Creating the Impact

Our Vision


Building the plant-derived cannabinoids and terpenes industry in Africa and making it a market leader on the cultivation, growing, processing and research.


Establishing a new major industry project which would  support the developing of  pharmaceutical industry.


Producing a high quality products that will bring cure and alleviation, using research based and clinically proven medical cannabis products to patients worldwide.


Our mission is establishing operations across multiple sites in Zimbabwe and Africa 


    • Setting up a state-of-the-art  cultivation and growing facilities in the Republic of Zimbabwe.

    • To develop and implement high quality standards and be outstanding in production.


    • In-house development and mutual research with leading institutes

    • Establishing commercial breeding activity

    • Breeding tailor-made medical strains and repeatable & stable cannabis hybrid-seeds


    • To supply the most effective , safest and research approval product world wide. 



    • To stand as leaders in Research by establishing a R&D activity in Zimbabwe,  maintaining strong, ongoing relations with top scientists and physicians, companies and startup companies in Israel and around the world and creating a collaboration and share researches with between them and local Zimbabwean companies, universities & Institutes.

    • To bring foreign investments to the R&D activity. 

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