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Medical Cannabis and Hemp company,


Growing greener, Creating the Impact

Social Impact:  Empowering Africa  and improving the patient's access to medical cannabis treatments and benefits


Environmental impact: Reducing the impact on the environment by growing in ideal climate conditions and using advanced growing technologies.


NIRCOM A.S.I.G Ltd a company incorporated in England and Wales with registered number 03945214 is offering 1,00,000 fully paid ordinary shares at $1 per share to raise  $1,000,000……   Read more




NIRCOM A.S.I.G Ltd is a U.K- ISRAELI company operating in the Medical Cannabis field in Africa and Israel, NIRCOM, via her fully owned subsidiary NIRCAN ZIMBABWE Ltd, holds the 1st Medical Cannabis Cultivation, Growing, processing and exporting permit issued by the Ministry of Health and Child Care and the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Zimbabwe, and the 7th in all Africa, and in the process of obtaining additional licenses and establishing operations across multiple sites in Africa….. Read more

Products, Exporting and Distribution.  

Zimbabwe is currently one of only two countries in Africa that have the full legal frame allowing export of Medical Cannabis. 

By growing under ideal climate conditions and using advance growing methods NIRCOM is able to become a leading supplier of high-quality Medical Cannabis dry flowers and oil of Medical Cannabis to licensed distributors, pharmacies, and to the pharmaceutical industry.

Along with being a supplier of high-quality Medical Cannabis products, NIRCOM aims to establish itself as a  leading supplier of natural plant-based products and to promote physical and emotional wellness through a combination of Medical Cannabis and other plant-based products and approved ingredients that have been clinically tested and proven to be safe throughout the years......Read More







We have the people , we have the knowledge and the know-how, we have the land and we are growing on the best condition available, we have the right legal frame and all the licenses and approvals that are allowing us to export our products WW.   and we know how  to take it  from idea to reality in record time    …….. Read more


NIRCOM team brings over 100 years of relevant experience in all the aspects of Medical Cannabis project, our team includes international and local professionals and experts who have in-depth knowledge and experience in agriculture in Africa, Medical Cannabis, Deep working knowledge of Africa, and extensive experience in large scale commercial agriculture projects, as well as C level and senior leadership management experience in public and private companies …… Read more


Financial forecast

Our Business Plan represents a very conservative program with wide safety margins and planned to be profitable from 1st year of operation. …….. Read more

Market Opportunities

The cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and we can see  Legalization process almost everywhere, more and more countries are approving or in process of approving the use of medical cannabis and the market is estimated in billions of dollars and grams.  …… Read more


Market Challenges

  • Demand vs Supply

  • Cash-Per-Gram/Prices as key factor

  • Social impacts

  • Environmental impacts

  • Regulations

  • Standards

Read more


 Huge market potential- competition almost

every where ..... Read more


Why Africa

"The future is in Africa. There will be an increase in the population of 1.3 billion people, and everyone there will be young. ….. and as long-term investors for this must be significant. "

                                                                                  Prof. Jacob A. Frenkel, former Chairman of JPMorgan Chase International                                                                                     and former Governor of the Bank of Israel

"Over 300 days of sunshine per year… It has ideal humidity and growing conditions for greenhouse cultivation. Together with very low operating and resource costs, this places … a position to produce large quantities of high quality medical cannabis at a low cost.”

                                                                                                                                            Bruce Linton, Former Canopy Chief Executive.

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Why Zimbabwe

"Once known as the "breadbasket of Africa", Zimbabwe may once again have a chance at a genuine economic growth after decades of decline.

Zimbabwe is taking steps to realize its new goal of being “open for business” including amendments to the Indigenization and Economic Empowerment Act to enable greater domestic investment and foreign direct investment inflows. (Report by the World Bank) …. Read more

“The next generation of billion-dollar cannabis companies are ripe for the picking, you just have to make smart moves ... “

                                                                               John Boehner (former house speaker and Ohio congressman)


You can download the company files here

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