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You should consider the offer  and the general risk warning before investing.

This investment is a private placement, or an unregistered offering and it opens to “Experienced investor” within the meaning of the Financial Services (Experienced Investor Funds) Regulations, 2012, only.

By submitting an application to acquire share , you confirm that you are an investor, and you are a “Experienced investor”, You confirm your acceptance of this offer is compliant with all applicable laws in your country of residence, and by accessing this offer you are not in breach of any law or regulation applicable to you.

Submitting Applications to Acquire Share

Orders for acquiring shares shall be placed by way of applying to acquire share by sending a request to acquire share with all the required information by email to , in the period beginning on the date of dd/mm/2020  8:00 am PST and will close on the earlier date from among the following:

  1. The end of the business day in which the Company notifies on Closing the Ordering offered shares, provided that, on such notice date, orders for acquiring the offered shares in total of US$ 2,000,000 were received or we have 40 applications that approved and monies for this orders received.

  2. dd/mm/2021 at 8:00 am PST. The Company will notify on the Date of Closing for Ordering shares in an immediate statement. An order received by the Company thereafter the Date of Closing for Ordering shares shall receive no response from the Company.


Required Information:

Investment Amount

  1. The company is offering 1,000,000 shares at an issue price of US$ 1.00.

  2. The offered securities are offered to the public, wherein the composition of each unit is as follows


Please provide us with the requested investment amount  

*Applications may not be submitted for the investment of less than US$25,000.





Personal details:  

Please provide us with the following information:

  • Legal first name

  • Middle name(s)

  • Legal last name

  • Date of birth      (you must be 18+ to participate in offers)

  • address

  • Contact phone number    (Please provide your contact phone number so that we can reach you if we have questions about your registration)

  • e-mail



Identity Verification

we are required to verify your identity if you pledge to a successful equity campaign.

We need two forms of ID to complete these checks. proof of identification have to be Citizen Certificate-ID card, passport, driving license  and as an "Other" form of ID, you can choose to send  a Utility Bill, Bank or Credit Card Statement, Government Issued Tax Document or .  They must be less than six months old, the full document, and show your residential address.


Please note: If you become a shareholder of a company, your address will be listed together with your name on the company share register.


Please send the all information and the documents to:



Procedure for Receiving Orders


  1. Within four (4) business days as of the date of receiving the order, the Company shall notify the Investor whether their order has been approved or not including:

    1. Approved Investment Amount.

    2. the quantity of shares that the Investor is entitled to receive according to the Approved Investment Amount.

    3. personal details of the Investor required for issuing the Offered Shares and for adding them to the Company’s shareholder registry.

      The Company will answer applications to acquire share according to the Company Investor Selection Process: 
      1. The Company may select the Investor at its sole discretion.
      2. The Company will choose the first 40 Investors  based on the date of            receiving the application (“First Come, First Served”).
      3. Notwithstanding the above, the Company may determine that a certain  Investor is a strategic investor and therefore shall be included in the list of Selected Investors.
      4. The Company may reject any investor, at its sole discretion, including, inter alia, based on bad reputation, criminal record, bankruptcy proceedings, bad credit etc


  2. Within eight  (8) business days as of the date of sending the approved notify, the full amounts approved should be paid by investors for the share, whose acquisition request have been answered will be deposited into the offering account (as defined herein).

    “Offering Account” is a designated account to be opened in a banking corporation in U.K with relation to the securities offering herein, in the name of NIRCOM A.S.IG Ltd, in which the full amounts paid by investors for the shares, whose acquisition applications have been answered, will be held.

    payment for ordering and approves shares will be done by way of a bank transfer.

    Every investor may withdraw their request to acquire shares up to four (4) business days as of the payment date, and in any event no later than the date of Closing for Ordering shares.  Insofar as an investor has not submitted a request to have their order cancelled during this period, they will be seen as committing, by way of their order, to acquire the securities allocated to them as a result of full or partial response to their order, to be notified by the Company, as specified hereinbelow.

  3. Share Certificates :To the extent that all the terms of executing the Offer to the investors according to the company offer, and following the transfer of the full offering consideration to the Company’s account, the Company shall allocate to applicants the securities whose application of acquisition has been answered, by way of sending certificates in view of the Offered Shares to the buyer.


  4. If the minimum investment is not reached or the offer is closed but not completed, any payment received for ordering share will be refunded and you will not be charged for your pledge.

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