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From idea to reality in record time


  • The team: International and local professionals and experts who have and in-depth knowledge of all the aspects of Medical Cannabis principles, Deep working-knowledge of Africa and Extensive experience in commercial agriculture. as well as C-level and senior leadership experience and taking companies public.

  • Social and Environmental Impacts: Creating new jobs and bringing modern technology through the development of cannabis cultivation and related industry. Reducing the impact on the environment by growing in ideal climate conditions that reduce the demand for energy use.

  • Growing under the best natural conditions: 12-hour days, ideal temperatures and Humidity.

  • Low operating cost:  This is due to ideal climate conditions and energy cost. low labour cost, Land availability, low governmental regulatory costs and low construction costs.
    Cash cost per gram of less than US$ 0.10 (10 cents)

  • Scalability: The company has the right, either by ownership or by lease agreements, to use over 1,000 hectares in Zimbabwe, allowing to scale up easily and accommodate rapid increases in supply requirements.

  • Expansion plan: operating in more countries-diversity, establishing another project, extending growing areas, producing more high-quality medical cannabis, processing concentrates and extracts.

  • Distribution & Sales: take-off's agreements in Germany & EU (for over 3,000 k"g in a price of 5.5 US$ per gram for the 1st year), Supply collaboration in S. Africa. 

  • Licenses: NIRCOM have all the required licenses (Import license, Growing and processing license, Export License, Investment License)

  • Profitability from 1st year of operation. 

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