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Why Zimbabwe

"Once known as the "breadbasket of Africa", Zimbabwe may once again have

a chance  at a genuine economic growth after decades of decline.

In 2018, a new Administration has laid emphasis on economic growth, and engagement with all countries and private sector. Zimbabwe is taking steps to realize its new goal of being “open for business” including amendments to the Indigenization and Economic Empowerment Act to enable greater domestic investment and foreign direct investment inflows.

Zimbabwe has an enormous potential given its generous endowment of natural resources, an existing stock of public infrastructure, and comparatively well skilled human resources."

(Apr 19, 2018, Report by the World Bank,

The international community cooperation with Zimbabwe aims to bring stability and build resilience to build a strong basis for an inclusive and sustainable growth, this includes U.S. Treasury that clears Zimbabwean Bank of $385 Million Penalty what expected to give comfort to international partners. ( )  


Zimbabwe has an Ideal climate and geographical conditions for Medical Cannabis growing, Lower operation expenses and Land availability supported by educated and quality Human Resources means Zimbabwe has the potential to take the lead and to become a leader in the field of Medical Cannabis.

Currently there are just 2 countries in Africa that have the right and full legal frame allowing exporting Medical Cannabis and Zimbabwe is among them and the Federal Institute for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Products in Germany already approved that importing of  cannabis produced in NIRCOM's facility in Zimbabwe for medical purposes  would be possible. 

We believe that exploring the medical potential that cannabis holds with the immense qualities that the Republic of Zimbabwe offers in the areas of agricultural knowledge, climate conditions and quality Human Resources, the Republic of Zimbabwe will establish itself as a key player in the medical cannabis industry.

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