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NIRCOM's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) planned and designed in order to have a positive social, environmental and economic impact on society in each African country we are operating.

We believe that ensuring access to basic services, creating a fair and safe business practices for employees, fair distribution of resources and conserve them for future generations and economic responsibility focuses on practices that facilitate the long-term growth of the business are crucial challenges for our communities.

We work toward these goals daily by consistently monitoring our CSR and ambitions add to our appeal with all our stakeholders, which most importantly include our customers, our employees, and our investors. The way in which we integrate into our environment, support our employees, and keep up a dialogue with our stakeholders determines our right to operate and has an impact on our competitiveness.


Ethical Business Practices

NIRCOM operations will create hundreds of jobs, directly and indirectly. 

We believe and committed to developing strong partnerships and a long-lasting impact in the community therefore our primary focus on ethics is to provide fair labor practices for our employees as well as the employees of our suppliers.

Our ambition translates into the following commitments:

  • Gender responsive structures:

    • Implement a female leadership policy and training in the company.

    • Keep gender-disaggregated data on wages and positions.

    • Monitor and eliminate wage differences between male and female employees.

    • Strict policy on sexual harassment.

  • Healthy and safe working conditions

  • Fair remuneration and employment security

  • Respect of the local culture

  • Ethical labor practices for suppliers include the use of products that have been certified as meeting fair trade standards.


Environmental Sustainability Initiatives:  Bringing The most advanced systems and growing methods 

NIRCOM team is composed of agricultural experts and people who have deep experience in project implementation in Africa.

Our projects planned and designed to comply and follow best practice and procedures as GPP, GACP, GMP/EU-GMP.

  • Environmental Sustainability

    • Organic Cannabis Growing Method

    • Use of soil-less beds – Organic medium

  • Energy Sustainability

    • Solar Energy System

    • High-efficiency LED lighting reducing energy consumption and heat

    • Staggered lighting between facilities reducing peak loading and increasing operation efficiency

  • Energy and Sustainability planning and Design

    • Energy saving, water efficiency, CO2 emission reduction, stewardship of resources and indoor environmental quality.

  • Water Sustainability

    • Water to be collected and recycled

    • Technology to reduce water consumption

    • Natural on–site wells and reservoirs to collect and provide fresh water

Direct Involvement and donation

Our initiatives include the donation of time, money or resources to the local community and organizations at local and national levels. These donations and involvement can be directed to a variety of worthy causes including national disaster relief, clean water and education programs.

Focus on Economic Responsibility

Our goal is to build and create a profitable business that will create a positive influence on the local society by meeting the highest ethical and practice standards and balancing economic decisions with their overall effects on society and environment.

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