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Our mission is to set up state-of-the-art Medical Cannabis cultivation and growing facilities in the Republic of Zimbabwe, to develop and implement high quality standards and be outstanding in production  and to deliver a high quality medical cannabis that will bring cure and alleviation, using research based and clinically proven medical cannabis products to patients worldwide. In 2019, NIRCOM acquired a license for the cultivation, Growing and processing of medical cannabis and export license for medicinal purposes and or scientific use. 


"The next generation of billion-dollar cannabis companies are ripe for the picking, you just have to make smart moves ... Cannabis is here to stay, the industry is only getting bigger, and I am all in."

John Boehner (former house speaker and Ohio congressman)

Exploding demand for medical Cannabis

North America : According to Grand View Research, Inc, The U.S. Medical Cannabis  is estimated to be valued at US$ 100 billion by 2025 and the Canadian market could easily be looking at a total annual Cannabis sale of more than US$ 11 billion annually.

Europe:  According to Prohibition Partners report, By 2028, Europe will become the largest cannabis market in the world valued at €115.7 billion


Our Advantages


The team: International and local professionals and experts who have and in-depth knowledge of all the aspects of Medical Cannabis principles, Deep working-knowledge of Africa and Extensive experience in commercial agriculture.


Low operation costs:  This is due to climate conditions and energy cost. low labor cost, Land availability, low governmental regulatory costs and low construction costs.


Scalability: The company has the right, either by ownership or by lease agreements, to use over 1,000+ hectares in Zimbabwe, what allowing to scale up to easily accommodate rapid increases in supply requirements.


Growing under the best natural conditions: 12-hour days, ideal temperatures and Humidity, abundance of rainwater.

over 300 days of sunshine per year….. It has ideal humidity and growing conditions for greenhouse cultivation. Together with very low operating and resource costs, this places NIRCOM in a position to produce large quantities of high-quality medical cannabis at a low cost


  • The "breadbasket of Africa“, Based on Ideal climate and conditions for agriculture growing and supported by quality personal.

  • The 2nd African country to legalize medical cannabis  and currently there are just 2 countries who lay the required legal groundwork for growing and exporting Medical Cannabis.  

  • Offers a long-term stability mainly due to the fact that over 80% of the population are from the same tribe (the Shona).

  • Quality human resources: The Education system has retained its ranking among the best in Africa!.

growth.original 1.png

5 years Expansion plan:

  • Growing areas:  from 10,000 sqm to 130,000 sqm.

  • Production: from 5,000 k"g to 115,000 k"g dry flowers.   


The company will achieve profitability since 1st  year of operation

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