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Meet Our Team

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Yohai Nir

Co-Founder & CEO

Yohai Nir holds LLB, LLM in international business law and finance from the UK and qualified Solicitor in Israel. He has over 25 years of vast experience in business development on the international level with a unique expertise and experience in Africa  and he is an expert on Security and HLS fields, leading and managing security companies.  

He has a wealth of knowledge of all the security requirements, regulations and many years of experience in planning and integrating complex solutions to critical security facilities. 

 He has experience in setting up businesses from scratch starting from the planning stage up to setting stage including raising capital and investments with successful results.        

Nduka Lawrence Mbomson

Co-Founder & COO

With over 20 years of wealth of experience as a senior manager, executive and entrepreneur, Lawrence brings the overall skills and experience that has enabled him to successfully manage multi-team work of over 200 people and run various projects in Africa and Europe. As a successful entrepreneur, Lawrence established business of import and export from several countries in Africa including:an agriculture equipment company specializing in agricultural machinery in Nigeria  and also established a beauty centre in Zimbabwe. His ability to work and communicate with local government as well as deal with suppliers and local workforce is a priceless skill which allow us to run the operations in a collaborative and seamless way.  

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Co-Founder & CITO

Alon holds BSc from Tel Aviv University and MSc in computer science from UCL. Alon has wealth of knowledge and experience in managing complex IT projects as well as designing and executing software solutions in various field including medicines, insurance, banking working with the highest standard security features.

He has a track records creating an integrated system that brings together systems, data, and insights to support business day-by day operation as well as supporting complying with the highest standards required.  He is designing our software platform that integrated all our  facility systems, including environmental sensors & controls, reports and other inputs required   into a single interface, resulting in a simplified user experience, and a high degree of automation.     

Alon Shmuel

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Yoav Nir

Yoav Nir holds BBA in Business administration, Management and International finance.
Yoav served as a CEO, Managing Director and VP operation in multi-national and public companies in the field of wellness, food supplements, cosmetics and health industry. he has a deep and wide knowledge and understanding in all of business aspects and working with health authorities,strict regulations and quality control system and standards  

Yoav brings over 25 of years of wealth of experience and knowledge in the Agriculture business and working as an expert for various agriculture projects 
and  served as the COO of the largest growing and export flower, vegetable, and fruits company in Israel and managed 100 hectares of flower's farm in Kenya-East Africa.

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Masimba Mavanza

General Consultant ZW & CLO

A qualified lawyer in England and Zimbabwe and a political consultant with rich experience of more than 20 years in the field of law and as a consultant to governments and senior officials. Msimba brings with him problem-solving capabilities and opportunity creation at the highest levels as well as the ability to conduct negotiations with official bodies. The new-work of connections; Knowledge of the local laws and management capabilities that Masimba provides creates a solid foundation for the company's business operations.

Taipanei Gwanzura-Mbomson

She has a first-hand experience in Farming in the designated region where she completed agriculture studies and took part in the management of the Family agriculture farming. Managing Director of an Import and Export business of goods for the Health and Beauty Market.
She holds potential land of over 1,000 hectares.

TAI Pic1.jpeg

Shlomo Booklin

Shlomo Pic.jpg

Master Grower and Growing Consultant

Over 30 years of global experience as a Manager and world renounce Expert in large-scale agriculture  projects with unique expertise in all aspects of Medical Cannabis cultivation, growing and processing.   
His experience includes wide knowledge in agriculture  industry, greenhouse management and operations, organic and sustainable gardening practices, Plant Propagation, Nutrition, Irrigation and IPM. He has a deep understanding and knowledge to developing, setting up and implementing the required SOP's  in order to comply with all the relevant standards, regulation and requirements and to  produce best-in-class cannabis products.

Shlomo has also been working closely with the leading Medicinal Cannabis growers, researchers & scientists in Israel, to produce exclusive specific medicinal strains and  was also involved in an IPM research project led by the University of Sydney combining the use of insects to control pest in crops in order to avoid the use of pesticides.
Among other companies Shlomo worked and advised to MedReleaf Corp,  TIlray, Green Pharma and has been providing consulting services to several other LPs in the process of acquiring a growing license from Health Canadaand others.

Lauren Booklin

Regulation, Compliance and products development

Lauren works as a consultant in the field of medical cannabis with unique expertise on the side of regulation, compliance, and natural health product development and formulations.

She holds:

  • A certification from the Malta Medicinal Authorities for the completion of a workshop on Regulatory Sciences as it relates to cannabis and research,


    • A certificate for the completion of two courses on EU GMP for cannabis and she is in the process of obtaining her EU GMP auditor certification, facilitated by ECA in Heidelberg Germany.

    • She is also completing a GMP for Equipment, Utilities, and Facilities (March 2021) – ECA Academy.

    • She completed GMP training for Natural Health Products.

  • NAHA (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy - level 2) Certified Professional Aromatherapist.

  • CFA (Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists) Certified Aromatherapy Health Professional.

  • Lauren completed various courses related to Product development and formulation.

    • Essential Oils Safety Master Class (Tisserand Institute)

    • Fundamental Chemistry Master Class

    • Aroma Pharmacokinetics (Naturopathic CE)

    • Fundamentals of cannabis (Green Flower)

    • CBD and Plant-Based Skincare

    • CBD and Hemp: What You Need to Know (Naturopathic CE)

    • Aromatic Skin Care & Essential Formulations: Oil-Based Products and Aqueous Sprays

    • Completing Aromatherapy with CO2 extracts & Fusion Aromatherapy for Pain in Dementia Care

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