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Our Projects

Leading the way

NIRCOM is building a large, geographically diversified and integrated supply chain for high quality cannabis ingredients and compounds. Cultivation is occurring in Africa, and growing and processing operations are being further established across a number of countries.

NIRCOM intends to become large volume, lowest cost producer of cannabis ingredients. This will be combined with the creation of meaningful R&D and industry leading formulations for the usage of these ingredients.

NIRCOM, through her subsidiary NIRCAN ZIMBABWE Ltd, holds the 1st Medical Cannabis Cultivation, Growing, Processing and exporting permit in Zimbabwe and the 7th in all Africa and in the process of establishing operations across multiple sites in Africa- Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, Morocco.

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Establishing a Low cost, industrial scale cultivation and extraction  infrastructure  through NIRCOM  subsidiaries in Zimbabwe and Africa.  

  • Growing under the best natural conditions

  • focused on organic and environmentally sustainable practices.

  • selective breeding and best-in-class cultivation techniques are used to produce plants expressing specific cannabinoids of varying proportions in an efficient, affordable and sustainable way 

  • sun-grown in controlled greenhouses under Good Agricultural Practices (GACP).

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NIRCOM together with the Zimbabwean Ministry of Health  agreed on a collaboration for developing the Medical Cannabis research in Zimbabwe.

  • Opening and developing the growing Farm for research activity. 

  • Maintaining strong, ongoing relations with top scientists and physicians in Zimbabwe, Israel and around the world.

  • Working with innovations and development companies in the fields of Medical Cannabis.

  • Creating a collaboration and share researches with them and local Zimbabwean Universities and Research institutes.


  • In-house development and mutual research with leading institutes

  • Establishing commercial breeding activity

  • Breeding tailor-made medical strains and repeatable & stable cannabis hybrid-seeds​





NIRCOM GMP processing facilities design  and Our  SOPs that have been developed to the highly required standards in order to bring best-in-class cannabis products :dry flower, concentrates and extracts.


NIRCOM is collaboration  with an Israeli start-up who developed a patent registration product for new drug delivery platform that providing a safe, simple, exact and effective usage of medical cannabis  




  • The Federal Institute for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Products in Germany approved that importing of cannabis  produced in NIRCOM's facility in Zimbabwe for medical purposes  would be possible. 

  • NIRCOM Signs Letter of Intent for Supply Agreement with German distributors to Supply Medical Cannabis in Germany and the EU.

  • NIRCOM agreed on  a collaboration for  supply of Medical Cannabis in South Africa.

  • NIRCOM is working closely with a register company in Malta in order to set up a joint company for processing and distribution of medical cannabis products into the EU.       

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