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Financial forecast

Revenue Calculation






















































































Annual productivity per unit -5,300 sqm- 5 Flowering cycle (G.H) or 4 flowering cycles (N.H)per year

NIRCOM expansion plan :

NIRCOM is currently in process of establishing the 1st a state-of-the-art Medical Cannabis Cultivation and Growing facility in Zimbabwe, the facility will include the setup of two growing units (5,300 sqm each), vegetation/Nursery green house (2,000 sqm) and a processing and operation building.

The company planned and budgeted an expansion plan of additional growing units and all the facilities required for this growth based on a current 5-year operation and expansion plan that will operate by the fifth year a total growing size of 138,000 sqm. 


Sensitivity Analysis report 1st Year


Our Business Plan represent a very conservative program with a wide safety margin.

The sensitivity analysis for the 1st year is showing very clear that our business and operation plan will be profitable and economic stability and could support a dramatically changes either increasing in the operation cost or decreasing of Revenue  (decrease in sale price or production, both).

Exit strategy

  • A strategic Merger & Acquisition (M&A): We believe that our unique and high potential project can be attractive and highly efficient in providing a faster and easier way for companies in the medical cannabis' market to grow their operations, revenue and opportunities rather than creating and building new operations on their own.

  • Public Offering -” Go-Public" transaction through RTO/ IPO

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