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NIRCOM A.S.I.G Ltd is a U.K- ISRAELI company operating in the Medical Cannabis field in Africa and Israel, NIRCOM, via her fully owned subsidiary NIRCAN ZIMBABWE Ltd, holds the 1st Medical Cannabis Cultivation, Growing, processing and exporting permit issued by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Zimbabwe, and the 7th in all Africa, and in the process of obtaining additional licenses and establishing operations across multiple sites in Africa.


Zimbabwe, previously known as the bread basket of Africa, offers ideal climate conditions for Medical Cannabis growing, low labour and operating costs, the possibility to set up large cultivation and processing facilities in a relatively short amount of time reducing the growing cost (Cash-per-Gram) to under US$ 0.10 per gram.

Zimbabwe is currently one of only two countries in Africa that have the full legal frame allowing export of Medical Cannabis and the Federal Institute for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Products in Germany already approved in principle that importing of  cannabis produced in NIRCOM's facility in Zimbabwe for medical purposes  would be possible what allow us to  already signed an off-takes agreements in the EU.

NIRCOM operation highlights:

  1. By establishing a state-of-the-art operation in Zimbabwe, bringing an Israeli knowledge and the most advanced growing methods with ideal climate conditions for growing medical cannabis we will be able to produce high quality medical cannabis products and with a low operation cost and export approval we will be able to be profitable from the 1st year of operation.   

  2. By Growing under the best natural conditions and the most suitable for medical cannabis growing and Bringing The most advanced systems and growing methods we will be able to reduce to minimum the environmental footprint of our project:  Energy saving, water  eficiency, CO2 emission reduction, reducing ground pollution, stewardship of resources :

    1. Environmental Sustainability: Organic Cannabis Growing Method, Use of soil-less beds – Organic medium

    2. Energy Sustainability: Solar Energy System, High-efficiency LED lighting reducing energy consumption and heat, Staggered lighting between facilities reducing peak loading and increasing operation efficiency

    3. Water Sustainability: Water to be collected and recycled, Technology to reduce water consumption .   

  3. By producing a high quality in a dramatically lower Cash-per-gram Medical cannabis dry flowers and products  we will be able to create a social impact and to allow an access for more patients to the health treatment and benefits of medical cannabis , to open the markets for more treatments and to solve any supply issue.

  4. By operating in Africa and mainly Zimbabwe we will be able to empowering Africa/Zimbabwe:   Creating hundreds of jobs, Wages and fair working condition, Bringing an advance system to Africa, Creating R&D activity and supporting the establishment of pharmaceutical industry.    



NIRCOM- a Fully integrated medical cannabis company

NIRCOM is a seed-to- final product company:  

  1. Cultivation, growing, processing and exporting high quality medical cannabis: establishing a state-of-the-art Medical Cannabis Cultivation and Growing facility in Zimbabwe, focus on a responsible and sustainable cultivation and growing by bringing the most advanced systems and growing methods alongside R&D activity.

  2. Establishment of a genetic R&D in Zimbabwe:

    1. In-house development and mutual research with leading institutes

    2. Establishing commercial breeding activity

    3. Breeding tailor-made medical strains and repeatable & stable cannabis hybrid-seeds

  3. R&D:  NIRCOM together with the Zimbabwean Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture agreed to collaborate to develop the research on Medical Cannabis in Zimbabwe. The Company will build the cultivation and growing farm as a partner for research companies and Institutes in the field of Medical Cannabis, creating collaboration and sharing of researches with local Zimbabwean Universities, Institutes and Companies.

  4. Packaging and final products: Expand into manufacturing and processing cannabis plant derivatives, oils, eatables and pharmaceutical products in our local facility and production agreement and Joint venture with startups and manufacturers of pharmaceutical, food, food supplements and cosmetics.

  5. Supporting the establishment of a new major industry project which would support the developing of pharmaceutical industry.

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