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Products, Exporting and Distribution.  

NIRCOM holds a Medical Cannabis processing and exporting licenses in Zimbabwe. The licenses allow NIRCOM to grow, process and market Medical Cannabis in many forms including dried flower, extracts, tinctures, capsules, edible and ingestible products, cannabis plants, and seeds.

By growing under ideal climate conditions and using advance growing methods NIRCOM is able to become a leading supplier of high-quality Medical Cannabis dry flowers and oil of Medical Cannabis to licensed distributers, pharmacies, and to the pharmaceutical industry.


Along with being a supplier of high-quality Medical Cannabis products , NIRCOM aims  to establish itself as a  leading supplier of natural plant-based products  and to promote physical and emotional wellness through a combination  of Medical Cannabis and other plant-based products and approved ingredients that have been clinically tested and proven to be safe throughout the years.


By entering to the realm of preventative medicine and wellness markets in addition to the field of Medical Cannabis market NIRCOM is  achieving wider market penetration and better  accessibility of the products to the public, hence  increasing the revenue potential that is generated from sales to this immense market world-wide.

Our products-line is going to be developed in-house and in partnership with highly trusted and experienced strategic partners, start-ups, and R&D institutes.

In order to be able to provide our products to prescribers and customers, we are currently in the process of creating a complete supply chain of production, distribution, marketing, and sales in Europe, Israel and South-Africa.

  • Approval in principle for licensed distributors in Germany, Portugal and Malta by the relevant authorities in each country regarding Zimbabwe's compliance with the threshold conditions for export to Europe subject to quality tests.

  • NIRCOM Signs Letter of Intent for Supply Agreements with German distributors to Supply Medical Cannabis in Germany and the EU. 

  • NIRCOM is negotiating on a alliance for supply of Medical Cannabis in South Africa.

  • NIRCOM is working closely with a register company in Malta to set up a joint company for processing and distribution of medical cannabis products into the EU.    

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